Awaken the power of parking data
to meet the ever growing challenges of the smart city.

Parkki suite
For parking managers (cities, malls, airports…)
as well as for drivers, Parkki enhances the parking experience.

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Awaken the power of parking data

Using its machine learning algorithm, ParkkiMind is getting the most out of parking and smart city data and thus provides a unique solution for cities.

This solution brings multiple services, including:=

  • Smart parking control
  • Continuous infrastructure improvements
  • Monitoring and anticipating users’ behavior
  • User redistribution (signs, dynamic staking...)
Parkki Mind
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Connect easily and inexpensively parking spaces

So as to connect easily and inexpensively parking spaces, Parkki also offers a unique sensor patented in the fall of 2017.
Installed on public lighting without using any camera, it analyzes up to 100m around it, thus offering an economic and reliable system, unaffected by weather conditions, while protecting the privacy of citizens.

Main avantages :

  • No Camera (privacy protection)
  • Analyzes up to 100m around( up to 80 parking spaces)
  • Analyzes every kind of parking space (no delimitation needed)
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost per slot
  • Adding smart city sensors

ParkkiSense schema ville
Logo ParkkiApp
Lead you to your parking space
Application Parkki

The driver can easily be led to the most suitable available parking location via a mobile app knowing the availability in real time.


Pierre-Julien Harbonnier CEO
Pierre‑Julien Harbonnier
Antoine Guillon COO
Antoine Guillon
Thibault Itart-Longueville CTO
Thibault Itart‑Longueville
Adrien d'Hollander CPO
Adrien d'Hollander
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